5mw Red Laser Diode


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V laser head, laser diode, dot shape, copper semiconductor laser tube, 6MM outer diameter
Red positive electrode and black negative electrode

Wavelength: 650NM Power: 5MW Outer diameter: 6MM
1: Pay attention to the safety of the laser battery and prevent others from disassembling the
electric power cell to cause short-circuit combustion or battery explosion.
2: The laser emission principle and the particularity of the production process determine that the
laser has characteristics that ordinary light does not have: three good (good monochromaticity,
good coherence, good directionality) and one high (high brightness).
3: Mainly used for laser toys, various spirit levels, ground level instruments, etc.
Making an electronic pointer: When the teacher is giving a lecture, the laser projection point is
used to draw students to observe and think.

Electronic level: Let the motor drive the bald head to rotate or twist, and project it into a straight
line on the wall for horizontal reference when decorating or posting New Year pictures.

Mini LCD projection: Remove the condenser lens and let the laser light pass through the
controllable LCD screen to produce a clear projection on the wall.

Long-distance laser monitor: let the laser shine on the glass of the room being eavesdropped,
and then receive the laser beam reflected back by the glass, and detect the vibration of the glass
to restore the sound of the room.

Long-distance light-controlled anti-theft alarm: Install a laser emitting tube and a photoresistor at
one corner of the fish pond or watermelon field to be protected, and install a mirror at the other
three corners to form a protective zone.

Long-distance laser wireless communication: use a pair of laser transceivers to face each other on
the two farther roofs, and use the serial communication protocol of the single-chip
microcomputer to send and receive files, and even network.

The laser head is composed of three parts: a light-emitting die, a condenser lens, and a copper
adjustable sleeve. When these parts are sent to the user, these three parts have been assembled,
the focal length of the lens has been adjusted, and they have been glued with strong glue.
Well, users can work by connecting 5V DC power supply.

One to five meters under the sun during the day. At night, it can reach more than 100 meters




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