Arduino Mini Starter Kit 2


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Arduino Mini Starter Kit 2 includes

1. 5mm LED Red x3
2. 5mm LED Green x3
3. 5mm LED Blue x3
4. 5mm LED Yellow x3
5. 5mm LED White x3
6. 7-Segment 1-Digit Display
7. 16×2 LCD Display
8. Resistor 1K Ohm x10pcs
9. Resistor 10K Ohm x10pcs
10. Resistor 220Ohm x10pcs
11. Push Button 6mm x4
12. Variable Resistor 10K
13. Pin Header (Male) 1×40 pin
14. Jumper Wire 20cm M-M
15. PIR Motion Sensor HC-SR501
16. IC – 74HC595 Shift Register
17. LDR 5mm x3
18. Servo Motor SG90 (China Chip)
19. 170 Points SYB-170 Mini Breadboard
20. Arduino Uno (SMD IC)
21. USB Cable Type A-B
22. IR Proximity Sensor / IR sensor


23. Ultrasonic Sensor

  • Arduino Tutorial (Short Guide) PDF version


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