Horizontal Mute Sounds Mini Submersible Pump DC 3V-5V


1. There is no power supply for the pump. The power supply should be separately provided. Pump is DC pump, 3V pump, with DC3-4.5V power supply.
(cannot be used directly with 220V AC voltage)
2. Large flow, durable, long life.
3. Low noise, stable performance, energy saving, energy saving and environmental protection.
4. Engineering plastics, safe and explosion-proof.
5. Small and light, compact and easy to install.
6. Water pump back resin seal, good insulation, water – proof, easy to clean, explosion – proof safety, environmental protection.
7. Low voltage dc 3V, high efficiency, small size.The product is only half a palm size, strong power, stable performance.
8. High efficiency and energy saving, pure copper coil. Wear resistance small motor: bearing greater torque, longer life, super mute.
9. Wide application: a variety of technical fountain, aquarium, rockery, pond.

Model JT40-DC3L
Voltage DC 3V
Power 0.36W
Material Engineering plastics
Performance Nonblocking
Purpose Process pump
Drive mode Electromagnetic
Position of pump shaft Vertical side
Flow rate max 100L/H
Number of impeller Multistage
Head 0.5m
Suction diameter 7mm
Discharge caliber 7mm
Size 42.6×38.5×22.71mm
Current 0.18A
Noise 40dB max
Water temperature – 20 ° C to 50 ° C
Environmental humidity 45% – 90%
Continuous service life Over 200 hours
Motor Brush motor
Usage Diving
Use of fluids Tap water, groundwater, seawater
Application small fountain pump, experiment pump


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