Logic Pulser LP-540H


  • Brand – K&H (Taiwan)
  • RoHS
  • Brand Warranty
  • Repair and Maintenance
The K&H LP-540H logic pulser is a very effective tool for inspectingand repairing logic circuits. It can directly inject a signal into thelogic circuits neither removing the IC nor breaking the circuits.
Using the logic probe as a monitor, you not only know the wiringerrors but also check out mal- functional components. Logic Pulser can produce a 10µs pulse signal at 100 mA load. Thesignal frequency can be switched to either 0.5Hz or 400Hz as aresult the LP-540H is a fairly powerful pulser.
Moreover, the Logic Pulser can produce a 90% high digital signalat the square wave output terminal. It is easier to observe and tracecircuits by using an oscilloscope. With a sync. input, it’s able toproduce an external synchronized signal.
  • Inspecting and repairing logic circuits
  • Compatible with TTL, DTL and CMOS ICs
  • 1M Ω sync input impedance
  • One shot or continuous 5Hz train pulse
  • Pulse repetition rate: 0.5pps/400pps
  • Pulse width output at 100mA load: 10µs
  • Pulse mode output current: 10mA
  • Square wave current output: 5mA


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