E18-D80NK Adjustable Infrared Sensor Switch 3-80cm


E18-D80NK Adjustable Infrared Sensor Switch 3-80cm for Arduino Infrared Sensor Switch

Electrical Characteristics:


I: 100mA

Sn: 3-80CM



Diameter: 17MM

Sensor length: 45MM

Lead Length: 45CM



1, the production line goods automatic counting device

2, multi-reminder

3, maze robots

4, kitchen automation system

5, anti-theft security system, etc.


Photoelectric sensors (photoelectric switch) NPN normally open

Model: E18-D80NK.


Photoelectric switch E18 technical parameters:

1, the output current DC / SCR / Relay Control output: 100mA / 5V power supply

2, current consumption DC <25mA

3, response time <2ms

4, point angle: ≤15 °, adjustable effective distance 3-80CM

5, detect objects: transparent or opaque

6, the working environment temperature: -25 C ~ + 55 C

7, the standard sensing object: sunlight 10000LX less incandescent 3000LX the following

8, Case Material: Plastic


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